OUNL, Welten Institute, Open University of the Netherlands, Netherlands


Ioana Jivet, MSc
PhD Candidate OUNL


Ioana Jivet is a researcher at the Welten Institute (Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology) of the Open University of the Netherlands. Her background is in Computer Science with a Masters degree received in 2016 from Delft University of Technology. The topic of her PhD research is centred around student-facing learning analytics dashboards that support the development of self-regulated learning skills. Her involvement in SafePAT, will centre around developing innovative training tools that empower patients and medical professionals to increase patient safety.


Maren Scheffel, PhD
Assistant Professor OUNL
T +31 45 576 2435

Maren Scheffel is an assistant professor within the Technology Enhanced Learning Innovations (TELI) department of the Open Universiteit’s Welten Institute, the Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology. With a background in computational linguistics she started to work in the field of technology-enhanced learning in 2009 and has since then been involved in the coordination and management (ROLE, LACE, CompetenSEA) as well as the research work (ROLE, LinkedUp, LACE, SHEILA, CompetenSEA, SafePAT) of several European projects. For her PhD that she obtained from the Open Universiteit in 2017, she developed the Evaluation Framework for Learning Analytics (EFLA). Next to progressing this work further, her research now also delves into the connection of learning analytics and learning design as well as visualisation techniques for dashboards. Maren has organised workshops and has served as a reviewer for journals and conferences on many occasions. She is member of the editorial board of the Journal of Learning Analytics, of the SoLAR SIG LACE and vice chair of the SURF SIG Learning Analytics.

Hendrik Drachsler, PhD
Project Leader OUNL
+49 151 67  73 22 61