CHR de la Citadelle, Emergency and medical simulation department, Liege, Belgium

CHR de la citadelle is in charge of patients’ safety since a long time. CHR got a quality and safety  department only dedicated to this activity which conduct safety surveys, promote safety and innovates tools like videos. We’re members of a quality and safety French speaking organization (CIPIQS). Last year we’ve implemented a large patients empowerment activity by making a video about patient’s identity verification during all the parts of their managements. We’re also in charge of in situ simulation particularly in trauma management but also in pediatric, anesthesiology and neonatology.

Xavier Losfeld MSc, ANP, RN
Project Coordinator CHR Citadelle

Xavier Losfeld obtained a BSc in Nursing with specific professional qualifications in ICU and EMS (1996), a MSc in Public Health (Emergency Medical System and Disaster Medicine) (1998) and Graduate (2001) of University of Liège. He worked as ANP in ED and MICU for twenty years at CHC Liège. Since the beginning of his professional career, he is involved in medical education. He worked as Deputy Coordinator of Regional School of EMS (Liège) (2008-2012). He’s ALS/EPALS/ETC/GIC-ERC Instructor and PHTLS/AMLS/TCCC-NAEMT Instructor. He’s ILS National Course Director for Belgian Resuscitation Council and TCCC/TECC National Coordinator for NAEMT Belgium. As high-fidelity medical simulation Instructor, he was involved in the Euregional Emurgency Project: applied research in anesthetics (2012-2014). He is working on education concerning cross-border handover in the EMR (SafePAT) and safety projects at CHR Citadelle – Level 1 Trauma Center.

Michel Vergnion, MD
Project Leader CHR Citadelle
T +32 43 21 66 84

Michel Vergnion MD is an anaesthetist since 1991 and an emergency physician since 1995. He worked as Head of ED (CHR Citadelle) from 1996 to 2015 and is working as Director of the Regional Ambulancemen’s School (EPAMU – Liège) since 2016. He’s involved in medical simulation since 6 years (DU of medical simulation, Paris Descartes) and coordinator of in situ simulation in CHR Citadelle. He’s also involved in ERC courses (ALS-CD, EPALS and ETC Instructor). He got also specific qualifications in high altitude medicine.