Implementation of the SBAR communication tool: first round of the institutional project is done!

In December 2019, CHR Citadelle completed the first round of training for its caregivers in the use of SBAR as a professional communication tool. More than 1,300 stakeholders successfully completed the tailored e-learning. Then, they followed our transmission simulations workshops held during the quality and patient safety days. Physicians are actively involved in the process of consolidating a new culture for this tool. The description of the SBAR tool as used at CHR Citadelle is presented in a publicly accessible video:

The study that validated the training curriculum will soon be proposed to the British Medical Journal Open Quality, in collaboration with the PAQS asbl (Platform for Continuous Improvement of Quality of Care and Patient Safety) and UHasselt. A MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is finalized by the Open University (Heerlen, NL) in order to make the e-learning on professional communication available to as many people as possible.

Xavier Losfeld presenting their initiative at our symposium.

At CHR Citadelle alone, the implementation of a structured communication involves the exchange of information on tens thousands of patients each year. The training curriculum is accessible to all SafePAT-partners.

The next phase is the validation of an original transmission quality assessment tool by June 2020. This tool will be validated after an academic study conducted within CHR Citadelle.