The project objective will be addressed on 6 levels:

  1. Analysing the state-of-the-art: Scientific analysis of the current patient safety systems in the partner countries to identify best practices and local needs.
  2. Harmonising approaches: Develop harmonised training and working procedures (e.g. medical handovers, safety checklists, discharge letters) at hospital and ambulatory care sites to reach a joint standard of patient safety.
  3. Developing innovative tools: Developing innovative support technologies to increase awareness of available medical information and support patient safety procedures for medical staff and patients.
  4. Empowering patients and medical staff: Empowering patients and medical staff by training procedures and introducing tools to become more aware and knowledgeable about patient safety.
  5. Developing an accreditation framework: Creating an accreditation/certification framework for healthcare providers on patient safety with different levels.
  6. Founding a regional network on patient safety: Establishing a regional network for patient safety to coordinate and establish the standardisation, training, communication and cooperation between the different healthcare providers.